WORLD FAMOUS PETER'S BARBER SHOP - Your friendly neighbourhood world famous barber shop  since 1961

When people come over to the barber shop they see all the photos on the walls of the NHLers that have visited with us over the years and listened to their stories on the ice.... 

but World Famous is more than just that...there are heart and soul stories shared by grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, and sons... 

this is one of them... 
Antonio  got off the bus on John Street one day and needed his hair cut. Antonio told me many times if my dad was busy, he would have kept walking.....but at that time my father wasn't busy and so Antonio walked in and got his 1st haircut with my dad.... and so started a long friendship which even led to Antonio coming over to the house and grafting trees and saying hi to his friend and our neighbour Salvatore. 
Well I'm pleased to say Antonio still comes to get his haircut with us, still sharing stories, and dressed to the nines including wearing his signature tie. 
Below is a shot of me with Antonio this past weekend as he came in to get his Easter haircut.....oh.....and that first haircut with my father?  
THAT WAS IN 1958! 
Thank you Antonio for your friendship and loyalty for these past 60 years and many more years and stories to come!!!!!! 
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             Just before going into ST.NICHOLAS
                     Greek Orthodox Church in Havana,
MIRACLE GREEKORTHODOX CUBA HAVANA SPIRIT KALAMARIS BEST BARBER WESTON TORONTO GREEK GOD PHENOMENON MIRACLEHUNTER  This photo of me....little did I know what was captured and all the attention this photo has gotten over the past few can see captured , someone's side profile with their arm reaching down and holding my hand. Miraculous! 

It felt awesome to donate items  not only to the church but to the poor people of Cuba.
I encourage each of you when travelling to similar places bring something to help
 people of those nations out.
Always leave a place better than when you originally found it.



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Rick, as well  as myself
and a couple of other characters are in the documentary
 about Leaf fans/ Leaf nation.
The documentary is called
the Impassioned
and is being made by some of my friends from Ryerson.

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Saturday September 7th 2013....
the "M" from P&M restaurant passed away on August 24th 2013.
Today was a celebration of my uncle's life.
 Mike Mavreas along with my father purchased 1970/1972 Weston Road in 1970. 

At that time, Renato Noce was operating a wall paper and paint store. After some hefty renos, my father and uncle Mike soon opened P&M restaurant. My uncle Mike not only showed my father the ropes in running a restaurant,but my uncles George, Panayoti  and cousins as well.
  In fact even when times were lean in the restaurant business, my uncle Mike kept  my father's relatives on "staff" even though he paid their wage out of his pocket out of respect to my father.
 My uncle Mike trained my father well so that on December 1st, 1971, uncle Mike transferred his interest in P&M Restaurant to my father who became the sole owner.  

My father ran P&M until 1972 when he then leased the restaurant out to Lino and Pierina Muzzatti.

My uncle Mike was operating the Woodview Plaza restaurant at Weston Road and Bradstock.  My uncle Mike, also trained my uncle George who owned the Albion Charcoal Pit at 2833 Weston Road.  Uncle George then sold the pit  and  on March 6th 1975 purchased 1970/1972  Weston Road including the P&M Restaurant from my father.

Uncle George operated P&M with my cousin Frank till he passed away on December 11th, 2003. My cousin Frank along with his wife Nikki own the P&M today. 

My uncle Mike moved north and owned several restaurants in Bolton, and the Barrie area. A lover of hockey, boxing, fishing, a gifted athlete for the Macedonian soccer club, my uncle Mike was known for his crazy humor, his love of fave was his white Lincoln continental mark v,his amazingly tasty food, smashing plates with my father when the Leafs won,  and his enormous generosity.My father, and Uncles George, and Tommy now have someone to play cards with up there. 

God Bless us all.





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